Available IEA SHC Task 55 Fact Sheets

SUBTASK A - Network Analyses and Integration (Lead AIT, Austria)
A-D1.1 - D-D3 Identification and preparation of best practice examples (combined fact sheets Subtask A and D)  Download
A-D1.2 Techno-economic comparison of collected best practice examples  Download
A-D2.1 The future of district heating and the roll of solar thermal energy Download soon
A-D2.2 SWOT analysis of solar thermal integration in district heating and cooling  Download
A-D2.3 Feasibility analysis of hybrid technologies for district heating and cooling including solar thermal  Download
A-D3.1 Integration concepts of central solar thermal systems in district heating and cooling  Download
A-D3.2 Integration concepts of decentral solar thermal systems in district heating and cooling  Download
A-D4.1 Supervisory control of large scale solar thermal systems Download soon
A-D4.2 Control of district heating and cooling networks and reduction of the operating temperatures in district heating systems Download soon
SUBTASK B - Components testing, system monitoring and quality assurance (Lead SUNRAIN, China)
B-D1. ELESVIER paper: Improved in-situ performance testing of line-concentrating solar collectors  Download
B-D2 Solar energy - collector fields - check of performance Download soon
B-D3.1 Control of large scale solar thermal plants Download soon
B-D3.2 Automated monitoring of solar thermal  Download
SUBTASK C - Design of the Solar Thermal System and of Hybrid Technologies (Lead PlanEnergi, Denmark)
C-D1.1 Long-term thermal performances of solar collector fields  Download
C-D1.2 Solar radiation modelling on tilted surfaces based on global radiation  Download
C-D1.3 Collector types for large collector fields thermal performance  Download
C-D1.4 CFD Models of different collector types  Download
C-D2 Seasonal pit heat storages - guidelines for material and construction Download soon
C-D3 ELESVIER paper: Thermal and hydraulic investigation of large scale solar collector fields  Download
C-D4 Modular conception and construction Download soon
SUBTASK D - Promotion and dissemination of SDH/SDC and hybrid technologies in new markets (Lead Solites, Germany)
D-D1. Business Models of Solar Thermal and Hybrid Technologies  Download
D-D2 Investor Brochure - Solar heat for cities  Download
D-D3 - A-D1.1 Identification and preparation of best practice examples (combined fact sheets Subtask A and D)  Download
D-D4 Evaluation of divers global market development and country reports  Download
D-D5.1 Training material on the design of large scale SDH/SDC installations in Chinese and English Download soon
D-5.2 EnRSIM calculation tool for renewable district heating  Download