Task 55
Task 55
SHC Task 55

Integrating Large SHC Systems into DHC Networks

Task 55 Fact Sheets

IEA SHC Task 55 has published a number of “FACT SHEETS”. There are two types of fact sheets:

  • INFO SHEET: A one-two page introduction and summary of the technical topic
  • TECH SHEETS: A detailed multipage technical report/guideline dealing with the topic in detail.

Available IEA SHC Task 55 INFO and TECH sheets

Below a list of available IEA SHC Task 55 FACT SHEETS:

Number Subject INFO
SUBTASK A - Network Analyses and Integration (Lead AIT, Austria)
A-D1. Assessment of technical requirements of existing and newly integrated large scale SDH/SDC Download Download
A-D2. Economic analyses of overall DHC network supply strategies, transition strategies, heat demand and energy price scenarios    
A-D3. Analyses of DHC network hydraulics and evaluation of hybrid technologies and possible supply points for large ST plants    
A-D4. Overall DHC network control strategies and other measures for increasing solar thermal fractions    
SUBTASK B - Components testing, system monitoring and quality assurance (Lead SUNRAIN, China)
B-D1. In-situ collector tests    
B-D2. Draft Standards and Performance Guarantees for key components    
B-D3. Automated monitoring, failure detection of key components, control strategies and self-learning controls of key components    
SUBTASK C - Design of the Solar Thermal System and of Hybrid Technologies (Lead PlanEnergi, Denmark)
C-D1. Simulation and design of collector array units within large systems    
C-D2. Assessment and design of large scale seasonal storages    
C-D3. Optimized hydraulics and piping in large solar systems    
C-D4. Modular conception and construction    
SUBTASK D - Promotion and dissemination of SDH/SDC and hybrid technologies in new markets (Lead Solites, Germany)
D-D1. Business Models of Solar Thermal and Hybrid Technologies    
D-D2. Beneficial and challenging environments for SDH/SDC systems including hybrid technologies in new and existing markets    
D-D3. Identification and preparation of Best Practise Examples    
D-D4. Evaluation of divers global market development and country reports    
D-D5. Dissemination of expertise through education and training