Task 55
Task 55
SHC Task 55

Integrating Large SHC Systems into DHC Networks


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The following are publications developed under Task 55:

General Task Publications

Solar District Heating: Inspiration and Experiences from Denmark Solar District Heating: Inspiration and Experiences from Denmark
August 2017 - PDF 1.82MB - Posted: 2017-11-30
By: Danish District Heating Association / PlanEnergi
Publisher: IEA SHC TASK 55
This document brings together some of the most important experiences from the inspiring development of solar district heating systems that have been seen in Denmark in the past years. The document is an adapted translations of “Solvarme – Inspirationskatalog” from February 2017, elaborated by PlanEnergi for the Danish District Heating Association. Some of the conditions and regulations described might be specific Danish.
The main objective of this document is to inspire and qualify the district heating companies (board members as well as operating personnel) as well as representatives from municipalities with respect to the specific processes in the project development phases.
This is not a proper guidance in the establishment of solar installations. More specific guidance can be found in IEA SHC Task 45 and Task 55 guidelines and fact sheets and in the Europeran SDH projects – see last section in the document. This document thus complements these guidelines with specific Danish experience.
After summing up to the various protagonists follow descriptions of six specific Danish solar district heating plants – and some experiences gained here.



Large Scale Solar Installations – The Actors & Activities Large Scale Solar Installations – The Actors & Activities
December 2017 - PDF 0.22MB - Posted: 2017-12-15
Industry and researchers are collaborating to assess how best to integrate large scale solar thermal installations in combination with hybrid technologies into district heating and cooling networks. Besides the international scope of this work, what also makes it unique is that the IEA SHC Programme has teamed up with the IEA District Heating and Cooling Programme to ensure that the right stakeholders are involved.
European SDH Projects – The Next BIG Solar Step European SDH Projects – The Next BIG Solar Step
December 2016 - PDF 0.14MB - Posted: 2016-12-08
Editor: Pamela Murphy
A team of experts from the city of Graz, Austria, has decided to take a lead in the analysis and evaluation of a major proposed local Solar District Heating (SDH) project to determine if it is technically feasible, is feasible within realistic costs, and if it will even be a profitable business opportunity.


Task 55 Highlights 2017 Task 55 Highlights 2017
February 2018 - PDF 0.93MB - Posted: 2018-02-06
In recent years, megawatt-scale solar thermal district heating (SDH) systems have gained increasing attention globally. Several ambitious projects were successfully implemented in countries such as Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Norway. Large-scale SDH systems and their large-sized seasonal storages have become attractive options for cost effective and low carbon heat supply. In the next step, large systems will become even bigger and likely grow from MEGA to almost GIGA-sized installations. These systems will be able to meet the increasing energy demand of city districts and of whole cities. Compared to conventional heat generation systems, the effective operation of a SDH network and its seasonal storage can guarantee a primary energy consumption reduction of >70% in thermal needs. However, the actual integration of large solar thermal systems into existing and new networks faces several challenges. Expertise on the integration of large solar thermal systems into district networks is limited. Therefore, SHC Task 55 collects and disseminates technical and economic solutions to leverage large-scale solarthermal district heating and cooling systems worldwide.
Task 55 Highlights 2016 Task 55 Highlights 2016
April 2017 - PDF 0.86MB - Posted: 2017-04-17
By: Task 55
SHC Task 55 aims to provide a platform for practitioners and scientists to elaborate on the benefits and challenges of SDH and SDC systems. It elaborates on options and measures to realize sophisticated SDH and SDC systems by focusing on characteristics of solar thermal systems, technical and economic specifications of district heating networks that are relevant for the integration of solar thermal systems and hybrid technologies, analyses of system components and their integration, modular designs of large SDH/SDC systems, and economic requirements of large SDH/SDC systems in different market regions. Finally, SHC Task 55 is a collaborative project with the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme on District Heating and Cooling including Combined Heat and Power (IEA DHC).