• TASK 55
    Integrating Large SHC Systems into DHC Networks

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Task 55
Towards the Integration of Large SHC Systems into DHC Networks

Developing technical and economic requirements for introducing solar district heating and cooling (DHC) systems.


Task Information

September 2016 — December 2020
Ms. Sabine Putz
This was collaborative work with IEA DHC

DHC Diagram

The SHC Task 55 aims to identify technical and economic requirements for a commercial market introduction of solar district heating and cooling (DHC) in a broad range of countries. More information can be found in the Task description.

Danish SDH market reaches new milestone: 11 infographics describing SDH technology and markets for download

Danish SDN Achievements

Denmark has consolidated its lead in the global solar district heating market, as capacity topped 1 GWth in August 2019. The 120 solar district heating plants that are now in operation throughout the country total 1.1 GWth (around 1.6 million m²).

The above shown chart is one of eleven infographics that were developed within Task 55 to illustrate SDH technologies, advantages and market developments. The files are available as jpgs and pdfs for download in three languages – English, German and French - and can be used free-of-charge in third-party publications. The creation and design of the infocharts was sponsored as part of a planned SDH investor brochure “Solar Heat For Cities” by the following Task 55 members: Solites (Germany), European Copper Institute (Belgium), Sunrain (China), CSP Aalborg (Denmark), newHeat (France), Savosolar (Finland) and Greenonetec (Austria).


  • Download the infographics in English
  • Download the infographics in German
  • Download the infographics in French

Solar Heat for Cities

Brochure: Solar Heat for Cities

The "Solar Heat for Cities: Sustainable Solution for District Heating" brochure is now available and can be viewed / printed using the link below:

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