Task 55
Task 55
SHC Task 55

Integrating Large SHC Systems into DHC Networks

Project Scope

In recent years, megawatt-scale solar supported district heating systems have gained increasing attention all over the world. and several ambitious projects have successfully been implemented.  Large scale solar thermal district heating systems and their large-sized seasonal storages have become an attractive solution for districts´ cost effective and low carbon heat supply. In a next step, large systems will become even bigger and likely grow in size from MEGA to almost GIGA-size to meet the increasing energy demands of districts and cities. These concepts of large-scale solar thermal and seasonal storages are well scalable and transferable to other district networks, independent of their age.

The effective operation of a SDH network and its seasonal storage guarantee a primary energy consumption reduction of >70% in thermal needs (compared to conventional heat generation systems). Depending on the waste heat available and the districts´ energy demands, it is possible to reduce the primary energy consumption up to 100%.

This Task is a follow-on to IEA SHC Task 45: Large Scale Solar Heating and Cooling Systems.  Task 45 focused on components and collector performances of large-scale (>0.5 MW) solar thermal systems. This Task will focus on the Solar Thermal System characteristics of very large SDH (solar district heating) and SDC (solar district cooling) installations > 0.5 MW up to GW systems.