Task 55
Task 55
SHC Task 55

Integrating Large SHC Systems into DHC Networks

Project (Task) Objectives

Objectives of the Task are:

  • Description of low cost and high performance large-sized SDH/SDC systems, their main components, hybrid technologies (large scale storages, industrial waste heat, heat pumps, etc.) and guidelines for their construction
  • Simulation of the integration of large seasonal storages, hybrid technologies and large collector arrays into different district heating networks
  • Description of crucial components of modular conception and construction of SDH/SDC systems
  • Elaboration of business and financing calculation models
  • Validation of measurement methods of tests on field collector performances and singular collector tests in the laboratory
  • Country reports, license requirements, feasibility studies and a database on large SDH/SDC systems in established and new markets
  • Expert and industry workshops and presentations to communicate task findings
  • Cooperation on a moderate level with the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme on District Heating and Cooling including Combined Heat and Power (IEA DHC), focusing SDH/SDC network designs and analyses