Task 55
Task 55
SHC Task 55

Integrating Large SHC Systems into DHC Networks

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Sweden: Pioneer of solar district heating
When it comes to district heating, Sweden has made the switch from fossil fuels to biomass and waste heat (see chart). As early as 2015, biomass provided 46 % of the energy in district heating networks across the country, followed by 24 % from waste incineration and 8 % from industrial excess heat.
Posted: 2018-04-21

Solar district heating on the Roof of the World
A contract to set up a solar district heating network in Langkazi county in Tibet has been awarded to Arcon-Sunmark Large-Scale Solar Systems.
Posted: 2018-03-02

SHC 2017: Largest experts’ meeting on integrated solar heating and cooling
Posted: 2017-12-07

French Independent Heat Supplier: “Optimise and de-risk all contracts”
French-based NewHeat is a rapidly growing start-up. About two years after it was founded in December 2015, management has raised almost EUR 1.8 million from private investors to finance the first solar heat delivery projects and strengthen its global sales force.
Posted: 2017-09-13

3rd Meeting of the IEA-SHC Task 55 "Towards the Integration of Large SHC Systems into DHC Networks"
The 3rd SHC Task 55 Expert Meeting will be organized along the Solar World Congress 2017 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, which takes place from the 29th of October to the 2nd of November 2017.
Posted: 2017-07-07

Release of a MATLAB Toolbox to calculate pressure loss coefficients (zeta values) for T-pieces at low Reynolds numbers
Posted: 2017-06-07

IEA SHC Task 55: Solar District Heating Means Big Business
Solar district heating is attractive business. Not only does this become obvious when looking at the 347 MWth of newly installed SDH capacity in Denmark in 2016, but also when one hears about Big Solar, a 250 MWth collector field – with 1.8 million m2 of seasonal storage – planned to cover 20 % of the energy demand in the Austrian city of Graz by 2020.
Posted: 2017-05-24

Netherlands: Solar Thermal Benefits from SDE+ Solar Heat Tariff
The need for highly competitive designs meant that solar thermal had not had much of a chance within the SDE+ programme until the end of 2015. Most of the scheme budget used to be spent on biomass, geothermal and on-shore wind projects.
Posted: 2017-05-16

TWITTER: Task 55 News
Task 55 is now on Twitter! Follow the latest Task 55 News HERE.
Posted: 2017-04-12

SHC TASK 55 Kick-Off Meeting in Graz, Austria: About 25 Experts joined the Event
19th - 21st of October 2016: International experts on large scale solar thermal systems, district heating, heat pumps, control strategies, or systems operations participated in the Task 55 Kick-Off Meeting in Graz.
Posted: 2016-11-07